Resale of recovered stolen vehicles causes problems

Stolen cars that are recovered and then put back on the market can cause considerable problems for the buyers of used vehicles according to the Motor Industry Ombudsman. Then Ombudsman has strongly advised the buyers of used vehicles to obtain written proof as to the history of the vehicle when making a purchase.

“The value of such a vehicle can be considerably affected and reselling the vehicle again can be problematic,” says Ombudsman Johan van Vreden. “Not only are they liable to lose out by receiving a greatly reduced amount for such a vehicle, but many dealers will also be reluctant to accept such a vehicle.

“Another problematic area is when vehicles involved in accidents and are deemed not to be repairable is repaired in a haphazard manner and offered for sale. Again, buyers of used vehicles must ensure that they have any vehicle they propose buying checked out by a reputable instance. Failure to do so can cost you dearly.

“These practices have a negative impact on the image of the used car sector and affect sales.. The best way of eliminating these practises and eliminating problems for the consumer is to scrap all recovered stolen vehicles and un-repairable vehicles. This is a solution we would strongly recommend,” says Van Vreden

For further information please call the Motor Industry Ombudsman of SA on (012) 841-2945 or fax your complaint to (012) 841-2842. You can also visit the Ombudsman’s web site at, or e-mail your complaint to