The global recession, according to the Motor Industry Ombudsman, is starting to have an impact on some vehicle owners, leaving them nowhere to go with product problems. The vehicle financing division of a leading bank has predicted that a number of brands could disappear from the market as a result of the worsening economic situation.
One fairly new brand on the market has in fact already closed its doors without warning, leaving customers stranded without parts or service back-up facilities. Numerous of them have approached the Ombudsman’s office for assistance.

 “It is extremely important that vehicle buyers ensure themselves of the viability and long term commitment of the supplier to the local market. Investigate what their track record is like, even if takes some time. After all, it is a big investment you are making and it would be short sighted to buy a product based mainly on price if you are not certain that you will get ongoing support from the supplier.

“An easy way of checking on the commitment of manufacturers, importers and dealers who have made a commitment to ongoing customer service, is to visit the Motor Industry Ombudsman’s website ( where all such companies listed.

“So, if it is a new vehicle you are buying, passenger or commercial, make sure of the company’s credentials before concluding the deal. Failure to do this could cost you very dearly,” says the Ombudsman.

For further information please call the Motor Industry Ombudsman of SA on (012) 841-2945 or fax your complaint to (012) 841-2842. You can also visit the Ombudsman’s web site at, or e-mail your complaint to






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