The Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA) is a totally independent institution that focuses on the resolution of disputes where a deadlock has been reached between the motor and related industries and their customers. The MIOSA therefore strives to contribute to the continuous improvement of customer care in the motor industry to the benefit of all parties concerned.

The services offered to consumers by the MIOSA is free of charge. However, should it prove necessary and a technical inspection has to be carried out by the MIOSA, the costs incurred during such an inspection will be for the complainant's account. Prior approval will be obtained by the office of the MIOSA.

The MIOSA also educates - by means of the printed media, radio and television - vehicle owners of the procedures to be followed regarding service, costs and handling of complaints. It endeavours to save time, money and frustration for both the motorist and the industry.

The MIOSA is funded by the Automotive Industry. However, the automotive industry has no say in the running of the organisation, nor do they have any influence in the rulings made by the MIOSA.

The MIOSA is, in essence, an autonomous institution that acts as a referee between the motor industry and the motorist.