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How to complain

  1. Do your homework. Before lodging a complaint, make sure that you understand all the elements of the original purchase agreement. This will include the sales agreement; warranty document and service plan, if applicable. Make sure that your vehicle's service record is current and that the service schedule has been stamped by the servicing dealer, if applicable.

  2. Your selling or servicing dealer cannot abdicate his or her responsibility. The first step you take if you have a complaint is to contact your selling or servicing dealer, find out who the right person is to speak to and make an appointment to discuss the complaint with the designated person.

  3. Keep emotions in check. Remember, your selling or servicing dealer is a human being and their place of work is their space. Approach the matter in a civilised manner. Keep records of all discussions, intentions and promises.
  1. Be assertive without being rude. If you are not happy with the manner in which the complaint is being dealt with, insist on the selling or servicing dealer arranging for a manufacturer's representative to review the complaint. (Keep records).

  2. Stay the course. If at this point you are still not happy with the way that your complaint is being dealt with, contact the customer care department of your vehicle's manufacturer. (Keep records).

  3. Do not let up. In the unlikely event that you are still not happy with the manner in which your complaint is being dealt with, contact the office of the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA). This can be done as follows:

Once received, your complaint will be forwarded under a covering letter to the dealer/service provider/manufacturer in question for their comment. If required, an assessor will be dispatched to carry out an inspection (please note that any inspection will be for the complainant's account). Upon receipt of all the relevant documentation, the case will be technically and legally assessed and a recommendation forwarded.