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What we do

The MIOSA is impartial and focuses on the resolution of disputes where a deadlock has been reached between the automotive and related industries and their customers, as well as relationships among participants in the automotive and related industries to the benefit of the parties. The office of the MIOSA makes recommendations in cases referred to it where all parties are unable to reach mutually acceptable agreements when a dispute arises.

The MIOSA will not entertain a dispute:

  • which falls within the mandate of any other Ombud whether regulated or recognized by its industry;
  • when legal action has been instituted by either party;
  • when "prima facie" it appears that a criminal offence has been committed by either party;
  • where it appears from any statute of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) that the MIOSA has no jurisdiction; or
  • when a complaint is lodged on the grounds of a delict, claiming damages from the other party.